Bare Cove Park Dog Regulations

Section 1: Running at Large Prohibited

  • While in Bare Cove Park the owner or keeper of a dog shall have the dog under control by holding it firmly on a leash. The maximum length of a leash shall not exceed 15 feet in length. The leash should be of adequate strength to control the leashed dog and physically be held by the owner or keeper at all times.
  • Dogs must wear current rabies/license tags.
  • Dog waste must be picked up and properly disposed.
  • Owner must carry a leash* for each dog. (electronic collar is not a substitute)
  • Dogs must be under control.*
  • Dogs may not trespass on private property.
  • Dogs may not disturb other Park visitors, neighbors or wildlife.

Section 2: Violations and Penalties

Any violations hereof shall be punishable by a fine of $50.00

*Definitions:  Dog under Control:

  1. Dogs should not exhibit aggressive behavior to other dogs or people.
  2. Dog should not be allowed to encounter persons or pets and significantly interfere with the activity they are involved in such as walking, running, or cycling unless invited by said person. This includes what is referred to as “greeting” other animals or persons and be allowed to jump on a person or dog.

Enforcement Officers

  • Animal Control Officer, Police Officer or other Designated Person appointed by the
      Chief of Police.

Proposed Implementation Plan

  1. Effective date: November 1, 2016
  2. November 1st – 15th, will begin informational campaign to inform public of new regulation. Signage posting in the park and surrounding areas of effective date.
  3.  November 16th – 30th, written warnings will be issued for violations of the regulation.
  4. Formal citations will be issued, as deemed appropriate per the regulation by assigned personnel, beginning on December 1st.
  5. Citations may be issued anytime after November 1, 2016, if a situation is deemed egregious by the officer.
  6. Personnel assigned to task will be as follows: Animal Control, and Assistant Animal Control officers, Special Police officers and Police officers on patrol in marked units.