Committees A - L

  1. Advisory Committee

    The Advisory Committee is a deliberative body chartered by the Town of Hingham General By-laws to consider all articles in any Town Meeting Warrant and to make recommendations on each article as it deems to be in the best interest of the Town.

  2. Affordable Housing Trust

    Read through the goals of the Affordable Housing Trust and a list of the trust members.

  3. Audit Committee

    The Audit Committee is responsible for selection and monitoring of an independent auditing firm to conduct annual audits of the financial statements of the Town.

  4. Bare Cove Park Committee

    Find the Bare Cove Park Committee meeting information, members, and a sense of what the Committee is for.

  5. Beautification Commission

    Find a list of Beautification Commission members and their annual reports for what the commission has been involved in last year.

  6. Cable TV Advisory Committee

    View a list of the Cable TV Advisory Committee members and read through their annual report.

  7. Capital Outlay Committee

    View our meeting minutes and Committee members.

  8. Community Preservation Committee

    The Community Preservation Committee reviews applications submitted by Town bodies and citizens at large for funding projects involving the acquisition of open space/recreation, preservation of historic resources, and the support of low and moderate income housing, and makes recommendations to Town Meeting regarding the use of the Town's Community Preservation Fund for those purposes.

  9. Comprehensive Trails Plan Committee

    The Comprehensive Trails Plan Committee was created to assist in and guide the development of the comprehensive trail plan.

  10. Country Club Management Committee

    Find the Country Club Management Committee annual report, meeting minutes, and members.

  11. Cultural Council

    A group of interested residents whose purpose is to support community based projects in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences

  12. Development & Industrial Commission

    The Development and Industrial Commission is established for the promotion and development of the industrial resources of the municipality.

  13. Energy Action Committee

    Read through our agendas and minutes from previous meetings and a list of the Energy Action Committee members.

  1. Energy Policy Committee

    View our minutes from Committee meetings.

  2. Fire Station Building Committee

  3. Fourth of July Parade Committee

    It is the responsibility of the July 4th Parade Committee to plan, organize and raise funds for the annual Independence Day Parade.

  4. GAR Hall Trustees

    Look through our meeting minutes and a list of the GAR Hall Trustees members.

  5. Harbor Development Committee

    Read about the pedestrian bridge plans, the Harbor Master plans, agendas and minutes, and Committee members.

  6. Harbor Parking Ad-Hoc Committee

    Look through our past Harbor Parking Ad-Hoc Committee meeting minutes.

  7. Herbert L. Foss Memorial Committee

    The purpose of the Herbert L. Foss Memorial Committee is to design a memorial along the waterfront and recognize the service of Medal of Honor recipient Herbert Foss approved by the Board of Selectmen.

  8. Historical Archives Taskforce

    The Hingham Historical Archives Taskforce was established by the Town of Hingham in 2008 to ensure that all of the town’s important historical records are properly preserved and made accessible to the public.

  9. Housing Authority

    The Hingham Housing Authority is responsible for congregate housing and c.667 housing.

  10. Lincoln Apartments, LLC

    Among other things Lincoln Apartments, LLC has the oversight responsibility to monitor the performance of the professional management agent, review monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements, and review all proposed capital expenditures.

  11. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    Browse through a list of the Local Emergency Planning Committee appointed members.

  12. Long Range Waste Disposal & Recycling Committee

    Long Range Waste Disposal and Recycling Committee mission is to promote and encourage efficient long-range waste planning with a focus on recycling through the use of communication/education, facilitation, and best practices.