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Committees: Beautification Commission

2013 Annual Report

Now in its 9th year, the Hingham Beautification Commission continues its mission "to foster beautification of Hingham's public areas using community resources." This past growing season was especially challenging. After a winter of record snow, the Spring brought heavy rains followed by searing heat and drought. But the 10 garden sites still thrived, especially those at the five rail crossings with their drought-tolerant plantings of Russian Sage and daylilies. The group also continues its seasonal plantings in large urns on South St. and Rt. 3A, which merchants and residents alike so appreciate.

In the Fall, the group adopted the garden triangle at Thaxter and North Sts. which was neglected and overgrown. It will be re-designed and planted in Spring 2014.

Our work would not be possible without the willing assistance of the DPW, mulching all the islands, hauling debris, and cutting down spent blooms in the Fall. The Town has established an HBC "Gift Account" for donations to assist us in our work. In addition we welcome volunteers to join and help us achieve our goals. The Selectman's office can be contacted for both monetary and volunteer donations.

Laura Spaziani, Chairman
Maura Graham
Rose Durkin
Patsy Bray, Treasurer
Maggie Coleman
Alyce Nobis
Margaret Taylor, Secretary
Dorothy Manganaro