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Committees: Cable TV Advisory Committee

2012 Annual Report

In April 2012, the Board of Selectmen approved the transfer of the operation of Government access television, channel 9 on Comcast and channel 30 on Verizon, to the Hingham Community Access & Media Corporation ("H-CAM"), effective in May 2012. In May, the Board of Selectmen entered into a supplemental agreement with H-CAM, prepared by the Committee, providing additional funding to H-CAM for the programming and operation of the Government channel and spelling out H-CAM's additional obligations to the Town. Funding for H-CAM's programming and operation of the Government channels is provided by operational support payments made to the Town by Comcast and Verizon as part of their franchise agreements with the Town. The franchise agreements require both companies to make payments to the Town in the amount of 4.2 percent of their Hingham cable revenues for operational support of Public, Educational, and Government ("PEG") Access cable television. This money can only be used to support PEG Access cable television, and is not available for the General Fund.

The Committee continued its study of the feasibility of installing robotic cameras in the School Committee Meeting Room in Town Hall, in order to facilitate the broadcast of School Committee meetings, most of which are held in that room. After some experience broadcasting meetings in this room using portable studio equipment, the Committee determined that the best results for the filming and broadcast of meetings in this room could be achieved if robotic cameras were installed in the room. However, because of the location and size of the room, it presented a challenge with respect to the placement of robotic cameras and associated equipment. With the assistance of H-CAM, bids were solicited, and the new robotic equipment was installed in the fall. This equipment supports both live broadcast of meetings and recording of the meetings for future broadcast. The robotic equipment is more cost-efficient because only one person is required to broadcast and record meetings using that equipment, whereas additional persons are needed when portable studio equipment is used. School Committee meetings, as well as the Selectmen's meetings, are broadcast on the Government channel, Comcast Channel 10 and Verizon Channel 30.

During the summer, three new studio cameras were installed in the Hingham High School studio, for use by the Educational cable channel, Channel 22 on Comcast and Channel 29 on Verizon. This equipment replaces three old and outdated studio cameras, one of which was no longer operational, which are used for the productions in the Educational channel studio. Two new backdrop curtains to replace old ones and an updated computer for editing programming were also purchased for the Educational channel. Cable operational support funds were also used to fund two television production classes at Hingham High School and to operate the Educational Channel over the summer.

Sandra Peavey, Chair
Eric Connerly
Joshua Gates
John Rice
Robert Kirk, H-CAM Rep.
Katy Gallagher-Wooley, School Rep.
Kate Richardsson, Government Channel Rep.


(Appt. by Selectmen)
Sandra Peavey, Chair
Eric Connerly
Josh Gates
John Rice
Robert Kirk, HCAM Rep.
Katy Gallagher-Wooley
 (Head of Hingham High School studio and programming)