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Development and Industrial Council

The Development and Industrial Commission is established under MGL Chapter 40, Section 8A for the promotion and development of the industrial resources of the municipality.  The commission "shall conduct researches into industrial conditions, investigate and assist in the establishment of educational or commercial projects, including projects involving private enterprise, for the purpose of expanding or strengthening the local economy, and shall seek to co-ordinate the activities of unofficial bodies organized for said purposes..".  Hingham's commission was established in the early 60's and was very active and effective for many years.  After a period of inactivity, it was revitalized in 1997. 

Appointments are made by the Board of Selectmen.  The commission consists of not less than five nor more than fifteen members.  The term is five years.

2012 Annual Report

The Hingham Development and Industrial Commission has been involved in many projects over the last several years, including the restoration of downtown Hingham in the wake of the Greenbush Tunnel construction, the economic revitalization of the area, the reconstruction of the Station Street parking lot, and the underground wiring of certain areas of North Street.

In 2012, the Commission was particularly focused on development in the Hingham Industrial Park, wayfaring signage and public transportation. Early in the year, the HDIC researched and advocated for Town Meeting passage of a warrant that would allow the Town to apply for "Priority Development Area" status under Chapter 43D of the Massachusetts State Laws, for the Hingham Industrial Park. The criteria for the application was that the Town agreed to an expedited permitting process for future development in the Park that would insure that the Town permitting process would be complete within 180 days of receipt of a completed application. The benefits of creating such a district are numerous, including increased commercial/industrial development in an area of underutilization and priority status for State public works and infrastructure grant awards. Town Meeting agreed with the recommendation of the HDIC and voted to allow the Town to apply.

Throughout the rest of 2012, the Commission has worked to complete the application for the development of the District and plans to apply to the Commonwealth by April, 2013.

Another area of importance for the HDIC in 2012 was a joint effort with the Hingham Historical Commission and the Downtown Association to develop Wayfaring Signage for the Town. The goal of the signage is to direct out of town visitors to Hingham's downtown area and to our local historical places of interest. Working cooperatively with consultants funded under a State Technical Assistance Grant Program, the two Commissions have agreed upon a Wayfaring Sign Program that will shortly be brought before the Town Board of Selectmen for discussion and approval.

Ongoing work for the HDIC in 2012 included:

• Efforts to finalize the underground wiring connections and removal of the lightposts on North Street between Station Street and the Harbor.
• Continued discussions with the MBTA to alter the 220 Bus Route to Hingham to include intermittent service to the West Hingham Train Station. The Commission was hopeful that this would happen in 2012, however, the MBTA's financial issues caused any changes to be placed on hold.
• Discussions with the owners of numerous properties in downtown Hingham that are in various stages of development. Updates were provided throughout the year on the status of the Lincoln Building in Hingham Square, the Walsh and Packard site on South Street, and the Settles Glass site on North Street. The Commission will continue to meet with these owners and others during 2013 to encourage and promote economic growth and development .
• Longstanding support for the Hingham Farmer's Market. The HDIC is pleased that the Market continued to thrive and grow in 2012. Moving forward in 2013, the HDIC intends to finalize the 43D process and when the application is accepted by the Commonwealth, work closely with other Town Departments and Commissions to use the creation of this district to spur development, drive infrastructure improvements and increase our commercial tax base.

We also look forward to moving the Wayfaring Signage Program from the conceptual to the actual, and to affecting the change in MBTA service to include West Hingham Station. We also intend to play a strong role in insuring the continued vitality of Hingham's commercial and industrial areas.

Finally in 2012, we bid farewell to Ben Wilcox who completed his final term on the Commission after many years of invaluable service. His insight and knowledge will be missed as will the energy and expertise of both Tom Maloney and Paul Gannon who also stepped away from the HDIC in 2012.

The Commission is very appreciative of the assistance of the many other Hingham Boards, Departments and Commissions. Their help has been critical to the achievement of the HDIC's goals and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.

Sue Sullivan, Chairman
Kevin Ellis
Mary Ann Blackmur
Eileen Richards
Mark Cullings
Nanette Walsh
Robert Daley

(Appt. By Selectmen, 7 Members, 5 Year Term)

Term Expires

Susan L. Sullivan


Mark Cullings


Benedict Wilcox


Eileen Richards


Nanette G. Walsh


Stephen Kelsch


Thomas Maloney