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Committees: Development and Industrial Commission

Development and Industrial Commission

The Development and Industrial Commission is established under MGL Chapter 40, Section 8A for the promotion and development of the industrial resources of the municipality.  The commission "shall conduct researches into industrial conditions, investigate and assist in the establishment of educational or commercial projects, including projects involving private enterprise, for the purpose of expanding or strengthening the local economy, and shall seek to co-ordinate the activities of unofficial bodies organized for said purposes..".  Hingham's commission was established in the early 60's and was very active and effective for many years.  After a period of inactivity, it was revitalized in 1997. 

Appointments are made by the Board of Selectmen.  The commission consists of not less than five nor more than fifteen members.  The term is five years.

2014 Annual Report

The Development and Industrial Commission was established to promote Hingham as an attractive location for new business, to retain and expand our valued existing businesses and to encourage economic development consistent with the Master Plan.

Our committee serves to assist, counsel, and inform on the merits of planned economic growth for the benefit of the residents of Hingham, the Board of Selectmen, other Town Boards and Departments, existing businesses and businesses proposing to move to or expand in Hingham. In 2014, the commission focused on several initiatives including: 1) Promoting Hingham as a destination for business 2) Encouraging community outreach and support 3) Supporting existing local businesses.

Promoting Hingham as a destination for business
• Worked with the Community Planning Department to secure state approval for South Shore Park's inclusion in the 43D program.
• Studied office inventory and undeveloped parcels in South Hingham.
• Continued an effort to connect the waterfront with the downtown.
• Explored economic development grant opportunities with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council
• Participated in the So. Shore Chamber of Commerce's development of a strategic plan to expand the region's economic base.

Encouraging community outreach and support
• Partnered with the Hingham Downtown Association to host a Lincoln Building informational meeting for local businesses.
• The Development and Industrial Commission continues to support and work closely with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, the Hingham Business Council, the Hingham Downtown Association, and the numerous property owners and businesses in Hingham.
• HDIC Representatives participated on the Hingham Harbor Task Force, the South Hingham Study Group, the Hingham Comprehensive Trails Committee, and the Hingham Accessory Dwelling Committee.

Supporting existing local businesses
• Continued longstanding support for the Farmer's Market. The HDIC is pleased that the Market continued to thrive and grow in 2014.
• Contributed to the Hingham Comprehensive Trails Committee effort to further use walking and biking trails to connect public transportation and business centers with residential, education and recreation areas.
• Discussions with the owners of numerous properties in downtown Hingham that are in various stages of development. Updates were provided throughout the year on the status of the Lincoln Building in Hingham Square, the Building 19 warehouse on 3A, and the Settles Glass site on North Street. The Commission will continue to meet with these owners and others during 2015 to encourage and promote economic growth and development.
• Ongoing work for the HDIC in 2014 included: Developing Wayfaring Signage for the Town; affecting the change in MBTA service to include West Hingham Station; and completing the underground wiring connections and removal of the light poles on North Street between Station Street and the Harbor.

The commission is committed to continue focusing on these core initiatives as they are meant to guide town policies. We will collaborate with community and stakeholders on specific programs to grow the economy and together we will work to make Hingham a great place to work, live, and grow a business.

Finally, many thanks are due to all who gave generously of their time and expertise, and who collaborated in various ways to support the HDIC. These include the dedicated HDIC members, the wonderful folks at the Community Planning Department at Town Hall as well as the support of the many other Hingham Boards and Commissions. Additionally, the Board of Selectmen provided support for the Commission throughout the year.

We encourage residents, property owners, and businesses to attend and participate at our meetings. The Commission usually meets at 7:00pm on the second Wednesday of each month in Town Hall.

Greg Lane, Chair
Eileen Richards
Scott Peterson
Mary Ann Blackmur
Sue Sullivan
Kevin Ellis
Nanette Walsh