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Committees: Energy Action Committee

2012 Annual Report

Mission: To serve the residents and commercial enterprises of the Town of Hingham by helping to establish energy policies and measures that will promote the efficient use of energy and reduce adverse environmental impact, and by taking measures to increase awareness of energy issues.

Work Product: The Energy Action Committee, successor to the Energy Policy Committee, identifies, promotes, and helps implement energy savings opportunities for municipal and community-wide operations and residences, and raises energy awareness on issues of concern to Town residents.

Work Agenda: Monthly meetings and periodic reporting to the Board of Selectmen to solicit feedback on suggested policies and structure.

In 2012, the Committee:

-worked with the Hingham Public Library, Town Offices, and South Shore Country Club to implement several of the energy and cost-saving measures recommended by energy audits sponsored by the Hingham Municipal Light Plant. Estimated savings from the implementations so far are approximately $12,000 per year.

-worked with the School Building Committee to research and assess the possible use of photovoltaics in the design of the new Hingham Middle School, and also reviewed other energy efficiency possibilities for the Hingham Middle School within the confines of the Town's participation in the Model School program (MSBA).

-in partnership with the Hingham Public Library and the Hingham Municipal Light Plant, secured and hosted a showing of the energy options documentary Switch to raise energy awareness and discuss the implications of energy policy and choices on the environment.

-collaborated with the Hingham Municipal Light Plant to enroll the Town in MassEnergyInsight, a free software tool offered as part of the Massachusetts Green Communities Program that measures and evaluates energy use by municipal operations, thereby allowing communities to measure their carbon footprint and benchmark and monitor energy use and costs.

-secured the Town's participation in "Earth Hour."

-authored multiple articles in the Hingham Journal, alerting Town residents to various energy initiatives in the Town and raising general awareness of energy issues.

-participated in multiple energy conferences and discussions on energy policy hosted by various organizations, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Department of Energy Resources, the Boston Bar Association, and Universal Electric, Inc.

Goals for 2013 include:

• Continue to pursue energy savings possibilities in municipal buildings through implementing the energy audit recommendations. • Expand the reach and depth of the energy audits, and bring in experts as needed to further conservation measures. • Finalize the Committee's assistance with the School Building Committee regarding the new Hingham Middle School. • To continue to educate the residents and businesses of Hingham about energy issues and savings opportunities. • To set an emissions reduction target based on realistic and feasible actions, using MassEnergyInsight and other tools at the Committee's disposal, including education and outreach initiatives (see above).

Any individuals interested in serving on the committee or offering expertise on energy related matters are encouraged to contact us through

Energy Action Committee:
John Bewick
Otto Harling
Paul Heanue, Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant
Virginia LeClair, Co-Chair
Brad Moyer, Co-Chair
School Business Director ex-oficio
Town Administrator ex-oficio


Current Appointees
Ted Alexiades, Town Administrator
John Ferris, Director of Business and Support Services, Hingham Public Schools
Paul Heanue, Hingham Light Plant
John Bewick
OPtto Harling
Brad Moyer, Co-Chair
Virgina LeClair, Co-Chair