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Committees: Fourth of July Parade Committee

Hingham FireworksFourth of July Parade Committee

It is the responsibility of the July 4th Parade Committee to plan, organize and raise funds for the annual Independence Day Parade, as well as the Band Concert by The Satuit Band at the Harbor.  The floats, marchers, and bands are provided by different organizations.  The fundraisers pay for the marching bands as well as the historic civil & revolutionary war marching units that everyone enjoys during the parade. Since the beginning of the nineties, the committee has raised the funds necessary to hire the bands, the reenactment marching units and the band concert. 

The major fundraisers are the corporate donations from both local and regional businesses and the annual Silent Auction. The rejuvenated golf tournament (the South Shore Fourball, a must play tournament for the area's best golfers!), the response from the Light Plant flyer in June, and the annual button sales also generate needed funds.

2012 Report

The Hingham 4th of July Committee is pleased to report on its activities in 2012 which it considers to have been a very successful year, accomplishing the primary goal of providing the Town with an interesting, fun and respectful Parade.

However, the Parade is the culmination of a number of less public activities that need to be brought together by the Committee in the months, weeks, days, and sometimes hours, leading up to the event.

The Committee began its 2012 work within a few weeks of the 2011 Parade conclusion with a review of that year’s Parade, its content, conduct and organization, while memories were still fresh and with the assistance of the overview provided by video recording along the route.  Notes were taken on all aspects of the Parade, including safety, with a view to implementing any needed improvements in the coming year.

Work on the 2012 Parade began in earnest in late 2011 under Chairman Jim Murphy.  New members were welcomed to the Committee (Paula Vangel, Monica Martin, Jason Caine, and Caty Fortuin) and the first annual task of the Committee, the selection of a Parade theme for 2012 was debated.  With selection of the Parade theme “Hingham’s Heroes” which was then communicated to the elementary schools where the Art Teachers, Mr. Bliss (East), Ms. Mayo (South) Ms. McKeon (Foster), and Ms. Marsjanik (PRS) set their students about designing a 2012 Parade button based on the selected theme. 

Later, the Committee had the pleasure of selecting the winning button, an activity that brings out the artist in all the members and is one of the most appealing activities we perform, while never easy.  The winning entry was by Eleanor Collins, a 5th grader from Foster School, a pupil of Ms. McKeon; who was rewarded with a commemorative plaque and a place of honor in the Parade cortege.

A key fundraising activity in recent years has been the Silent Auction evening held at Restaurant Tosca.  The organization of the Silent Auction was led by Paula Vangel with Monica Martin, Jason Caine, Caty Fortuin, Mary Ellen Carlisle, Ginny Gray, and Margaret Costello.  As always, local businesses and generous townsfolk stepped forward with a broad selection of donations covering their services and products.  Finally, thanks are also due to the management and staff at Restaurant Tosca for their hospitality and to the many friends of the Committee, who attended and contributed financially to the evening’s success.

Button selling in support of Parade’s fund-raising was, as always, the realm of Committee member and Citizen of the Year, Ginny Gray, and her colleagues of Hingham-Hull Rotary.  Every year, Ginny and her Rotary colleagues place buttons with local merchants and at town facilities, and Ginny herself makes great efforts to attend town events and the Farmers’ Market to extend her selling reach.  The Committee also sees a need to recruit the town’s students to help in this effort.  This year, the Committee may produce sets of buttons covering past years as a fund-raising effort for the upcoming year’s Parade.

The annual flyer found in everyone’s June HMLP invoice was designed by Carrie Murphy, a Committee member, and printed by The Ink Spot (donated).  The flyer was kindly included by Hingham Light in their monthly statements.  Many, many residents subsequently sent small and large donations alike to the Committee’s address at Town Hall.  Such community support and the support of local business are critical to the success of the Committee’s fund-raising efforts.  So thank you to our merchants, Hingham Light, The Ink Spot and Carrie for their contributions. 

A further fund-raising effort held annually is the July 4th Parade Committee Golf Tournament, also currently known as the South Shore Four Ball, the proceeds of which support the Parade.  The key organizers of this annual event held at the South Shore Country Club are Jay McGrail and Joe Keefe.  This two day event has quickly become a “must” for competitive golfers across Massachusetts!  The winners are awarded The Hingham Cup, a replica of the Claret Jug.  Jay and the SSCC also support the Committee with Parade Day mobility in the form of golf carts, essential for the mustering of the many participants, and for these efforts the Committee remains very grateful to Jay and the SSCC. 

Regarding Parade Day, a long list of contributors deserves our recognition and thanks.  Firstly, our own Hingham Police, led by the Committee’s liaison, Deputy Chief Glenn Olsson, provide seamless and unobtrusive coordination of public safety.  Our thanks are due to Dan Leahy, General Manager of Porsche of Norwell/Audi Norwell/Volvo Village of Norwell, who provided the stylish convertibles for both the Grand Marshal and Citizen of the Year.  Our thanks also go to Aquarion, who provided water for all at the conclusion of the parade on Station Street.

Particular thanks are due to our Grand Marshal, Keith Jermyn, and all he represents of our service men and women.  The choice of Grand Marshal followed the theme of our 2012 Parade, Hingham's Parade of Heroes.  We were very pleased to see the strong representation of our veteran groups, the 1058, our active service men and women, the safety officers, the Militia reminding us of the continuity of the service commitment of our community, and the other marching units.

Lastly, we recognize the 2012 Parade Committee under Chairman Jim Murphy: members include Margaret Costello, Paula Vangel, Carrie Murphy, George Ford (Uncle Sam!), Ginny Gray, Monica Martin, Jim Drew, III, Jason Caine, Caty Fortuin, Susan Hagstrom, Cyndy Tonucci, Mary Ann Blackmur, Cassie McDermott, Mary Ellen and Dan Lahiff, Louis O'Dea, and Deputy Chief Glenn Olsson.  We hope to see all return next year to continue the tradition while we hope to add additional members drawn from the many active Hingham community groups.  Finally, we are indepted to the many Parade Day volunteers, who provided the additional mustering support needed to meet the needs of the Day.

If you would like to be a part of the committee or participate in the parade or golf tournament please contact Jim Murphy, 781-726-2519, or

Appointee (Appt. By Selectmen annually)
Jim Murphy, Chair Jason Caine
Louis O'Dea Carrie Murphy
Deputy Chief Glenn Olsson, Police Liaison Monica Coyngham
Virginia Gray, Rotary Club of Hingham & Hull Liaison Ruth Potter
George Ford, Uncle Sam Deanna Costa
Robin Nickerson Bill Nickerson
Eric Dresser Cyndy Tonucci
Mary Ellen Carlisle Dave Madden
Susan Hagstrom Melissa Caine
Mary Pizzelli Cassie McDermott
John Monz Dan Lahiff