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Committees: Permanent Building and Facilities Management Study Committee

The Permanent Building and Facilities Management Study Committee was established by the Board of Selectmen in October, 2010. The Committee's mission is to contrast the Town's traditional methods of procuring and managing design, construction, and major renovation projects with other widely accepted approaches, including the permanent, or standing, building committee model.

The Committee's goal is to determine whether an alternative method or methods would improve our own design and construction processes, and if so, to propose appropriate modifications to our Town By-laws, and related Warrant articles for consideration at the Annual Town Meeting. As a corollary to its primary focus, the Committee also will consider how any changes to the Town's design and construction processes might relate to, or better support, on-going management of our buildings and grounds.

The Committee holds public meetings on a regular basis to fulfill its responsibilities, and members of the public are encouraged to attend.


Committee Members (appointed by Selectmen)
Roger Fernandes
D.J. MacKinnon
John Manley, Secretary
Jerry Seelen, Chairman
Benedict Wilcox