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Country Club Management Committee

2014 Annual Report

In 2014, The South Shore Country Club's (the "SSCC") professional staff, Jay McGrail, Director of Operations, Christopher Riley, Golf Professional and Jake Silva, Golf Course Superintendent, continued our committee's efforts to improve our facilities, services and grounds and to expand and enhance the recreational offerings of the SSCC. Below is an overview of our current operations:

Golf: This operation continues to be the "cornerstone" of the SSCC. With more than 40,000 rounds of golf played on our course this year, our golf operations are the largest portion of the SSCC operating budget; and our main source of revenue. Last year, as part of our five-year capital investment program and our ongoing bunker rehabilitation plan, the bunkers adjacent to our 2nd and 18th greens were dug out and redone and an entirely new fairway bunker was also installed on the 18th fairway. Our golf course improvement plans for this year include further bunker renovations and cart path upgrades.
This year's golf course plans also include the continuation of our successful member tournaments and civic and charity golf outings. In addition, we are preparing to host the Massachusetts Golf Association's Senior Amateur Qualifier, in August; the second round of the Southeast Amateur Tournament, in October; and the Woman's Golf Association of Massachusetts' Stone Cup Tournament, in late October. These three prestigious state amateur golf events are further recognition of the high-regard the golf community holds for our golf course.

Swimming Pool: The growth in swimming activities, the doubling of family memberships and the increase in daily fee users at the SSCC swimming pool' over the past five years, reflect, not only the CCMC financial commitment to the pool and its surrounding deck area, but also, our efforts, with the assistance of our partner in the SSCC pool operations, The South Shore YMCA, to improve the swimming activities and programs offered in the summer months. Our pool deck area has been upgraded, our swim lesson offerings have been expanded and our swim team has been revitalized, over the past few years, and we believe this has improved the family swimming experience at the SSCC pool.

The SSCC pool has been serving as our community swimming pool for many years and, at some point, it will require a significant investment in its structure and maintenance, if we are to continue to operate it as our community swimming pool for many years to come. The CCMC recently hired engineers to examine the pool facilities and to advise us of what needs to be done. One of our goals for this year is to determine what should be done for the pool and, if appropriate, develop a long-term plan

Bowling: Our ten-lane candlepin bowling alley represents a positive recreational opportunity for individuals of all ages and abilities. Action in the "Alley" increases considerably during the fall and winter months, when our golf course activities slow down. Currently we have 8 leagues and hundreds of bowlers utilizing the Alley. Never the less, we still have room to accommodate more bowlers and we are looking to add leagues and increase our "walk-in" bowlers. Our bowling facilities are available for children's birthday parties and adult and corporate parties, as well as open bowling for families, after school and on the weekends. We anticipate that our candlepin bowling operation will continue to be a significant contributor to the SSCC's recreational offering and revenues for many years.

Restaurant and Catering: Raffael's & The Greenside Grille (an SSCC concessionaire) had a record year, in 2014, its fifth full year in business, at the SSCC. Hingham families and families from our neighboring communities are recognizing the benefits of dining on our patio, in the summer, and year-around in our Greenside Grille; or holding their weddings, corporate functions. Bereavements and other gatherings, in the SSCC's restaurant and function facilities. In March, of 2014, The Greenside Grille changed its concept to combine the atmosphere of an upscale tavern with that of an American gastro-pub. Enhancements to the food and beverage offerings, in 2014, also improved our patron's dining experience and received high-praise from the regional restaurant review TV program, "The Phantom Gourmet".

Also, in 2014, The Club Room, a multi-use conference and private dining space, able to accommodate up to 30 guests for a variety of functions, was opened and a new, replacement Pavilion Tent, with French-door style walls and up-light, sheer canopy interior was installed, to better serve our wedding and event customers.

Golf Simulators: In the fall of 2011, the SSCC entered into a revenue sharing program with Evergreen Golf, for the use of three "state of the art" golf simulators and we began a new business venture "The Tour". This year we extended this arrangement for another three years and installed upgraded golf simulator equipment, including updated computer software, new cameras and new hitting surfaces, all of which make the simulators even more realistic and enjoyable for our golfers. The Tour continues to be ideal for year round daily play, instructional golf clinics, parties and off-season practice.
Tennis: The SSCC has three asphalt tennis courts that are open to the public year-round. While we value all of our recreational offerings, we have not focused on, or invested in, our tennis courts, in recent years, because they have not been a significant revenue source for us. However, we now hope to renovate these courts, through a Community Preservation Committee grant and SSCC fund and significantly increase their usage. When the renovation work is completed, we expect to expand our tennis offerings, through a joint venture with the Hingham Recreation Commission.

In 2014, the tennis courts received more of our attention, because of their role in a new program we consider very important. In July, we hosted the first Hingham Special Needs Athletic Partnership summer program. This program consisted of participants playing tennis, bowling and golfing. From all reports the program was a success, and will be continued. We look forward to hosting this program again this summer and hope to be able to do so on new tennis courts.

Finally, the CCMC would like to recognize Kerry Ryan, Kathleen Curley and Terry Clarke, who have recently concluded their years of service on the CCMC, for their commitment and service to the SSCC and the Town of Hingham. We would also like to congratulate Joe Keefe, our long time PGA golf professional, who retired in 2014, after many years of service.

The Country Club Management Committee
William Friend, Chairman
Scott Peterson
Paul Casey
Rod Gaskell
John Bailey


(Appt. By Selectmen, ATM 1993 By-Law 37)

William Friend

Paul J. Casey

Terence Clarke

Scott Peterson

Rod Gaskell