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School Building Committee members will be "in session" during the following posted meetings of other Boards and Committees where there will be public discussion of the merits of a proposal for an artificial turf field at the new Middle School:

  • Board of Selectmen August 5, 2014 at 7:00pm in Town Hall, third floor
  • Advisory Committee August 12, 2014 at 7:30pm in Town Hall, second floor
  • School Committee August 20, 2014 at 7:30pm in School Department Conference Room

The School Building Committee will also meet in separately posted meetings on August 13, 2014 and September 3, 2014.

Hingham Middle School Groundbreaking Ceremony Images (Photos by Maryellen Jones) (June 22, 2012)

Text from Raymond C. Estes' speech at Hingham Middle School Groundbreaking Ceremony (June 22, 2012)

Renderings of the proposed Hingham Middle School

Final Phase 1 Budget November 4, 2011 (PDF)

Phase 1 Cost Estimates September 6, 2011 (PDF)

School Building Committee Update

The School Building Committee welcomed 2012 continuing its efforts to finalize architectural and engineering design development and to begin the permitting process. A group presentation to the Planning Board, Conservation Commission and Board of Health on January 23, 2012 began approximately two months of public hearings before the three boards resulting in the issuance of formal approvals following a thorough review of all relevant project elements.

Cost estimates were commissioned at the 60% and 90% design thresholds projecting costs at approximately $240,000 below the approved budget submitted to the MSBA. With design 100% complete and construction specification documents generated at the beginning of April, the formal bidding process began with high hopes for a friendly bidding climate. Sub-trade bids were opened on April 25, 2012 with more than 90 subcontractors pre-qualified in various trades such as electrical, plumbing, masonry and many others. Seven general contractors were pre-qualified with five bidding to be awarded the job as the lowest eligible and qualified bidder. GC bid opening on May 10, 2012 resulted in the formal contract award to Brait Builders Corporation of Marshfield at more than $2.2 million under budget. An ecstatic Committee happily shared the news with the community and quickly turned its focus to logistics to begin contractor mobilization and a groundbreaking ceremony in June.

The project remains on schedule with substantial completion anticipated in May 2014 and occupation of the new school that September. Site work will continue throughout the ensuing fall, winter and spring including demolition of the existing middle school and development of athletic fields and accompanying landscaping expected to be completed in May 2015.

The School Building Committee will continue to meet regularly and welcomes public attendance and input. Community participation and inquiry are enthusiastically encouraged. Detailed meeting minutes will continue to be promptly posted on this site. Stay tuned for further project updates and details.

School Building Committee Members:

Raymond C. Estes, Chair
Timothy R. Collins, Vice Chair
Sandra Cleary, Secretary
Samantha Anderson
Peter Bradley
Robert Bucey
Stefan Vogelmann

2013 Annual Report

2013 was witness to tremendous progress at the new Hingham Middle School construction site. Structural steel erection was completed in February and a "topping off" ceremony was held on February 22nd. Members of the School Building Committee, School Committee and School Administration, joined by representatives of the Massachusetts School Building Authority ("MSBA"), gathered to participate in one of the major milestones of the project—the placement of the final steel beam. Many had signed the beam in advance of the ceremony, ensuring that their marks would become a permanent part of the underlying building structure. Under-slab utility installation as well as slab-on-grade installation continued and masons soon began to give the building its exterior shape. Roof, window and door installation and mechanical equipment placement progressed smoothly as the major components of the building were completed. Weekly construction progress meetings continued to be held to allow the project management team to keep a close eye on the quality of the work and schedule. Ongoing safety of school faculty and students remained a top priority as well as the minimization of distraction and interference with the business of learning in the existing Middle School just steps away from the active construction site.

With warmer weather in the spring, project contractor Brait Builders seized the opportunity to make up for several delays caused by storm events, seeking to accelerate the construction schedule. Workers put in long days to complete key utility and other site work during the summer months, while a small army of tradesmen and women continued to make daily progress on the building, preparing for student and teacher re-occupation of the site beginning in late August. 2013 also saw Roger Boddie retire as Middle School principal before the new school year began but he remains an integral part of the project team as administration liaison, assisting with on-site logistics and coordination that will continue well into 2014. By mid-November, the new school building was completely enclosed and secure while interior finish work progressed at a robust pace.

As the days grew shorter, the School Building Committee turned its focus to selection and procurement of technology, equipment and furnishings, meeting on several occasions with expert consultants to select the appropriate items ranging from desks, chairs, carpeting and inspirational banners to computer switches, routers and servers. As well, significant attention was given throughout the year to interior and exterior design elements in an effort to achieve functionality and pleasing aesthetic.
Financially, the project continued to track at or under budget all year despite the approval of necessary change orders. Each change was painstakingly reviewed and considered for its relative value and cost implication, including MSBA reimbursement eligibility. As the year came to a close, approved change orders comprised but a small fraction of the overall budget, which remained millions under the 2011 Special Town Meeting appropriation.

The new Hingham Middle School incorporates high-performance and quality design, cost-efficient construction, the inclusion of green, energy-efficient and sustainable features, and up-to-date technology and operating systems that will yield ease of use and maintenance, and continues to track toward a LEED silver certification. Most im-portantly, it will provide well for the educational needs of Hingham middle school students, con-tinuing Hingham's tradition of excellence for generations to come. An accelerated construction schedule anticipates substan-tial completion of the building in March 2014, some 2 months ahead of schedule, and occupancy by students, teachers and staff for the 2014-2015 school year. Demolition of the existing Middle School and commencement of additional site work, including new athletic fields, parking and circulation improvements, will begin this summer and are scheduled to be completed by late spring 2015.

The School Building Committee continues to be grateful for the cooperation and support of various town and state officials, as well as the collaborative efforts of all involved in the project. We remain ever-committed to complete this project on time and on or under budget and look forward to welcoming students to the new Hingham Middle School in September 2014.

Raymond C. Estes, Chairman
Samantha Anderson
Timothy R. Collins, Vice-Chair
Peter Bradley
Sandra Cleary, Secretary
Robert Bucey
Samantha Anderson
Stefan Vogelman