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Hingham Massachusetts, Incorporated 1635, History & Pride

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Departments: Elder Services

224 Central Street
Hingham, MA 02043-2759
Phone 781-741-1458
Hours of Operation:
M-F 8:30am - 4:00pm

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Strategic Plan July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2020

Newsletter - The current issue and previous issues of Central Times Newsletter are available through Community Publications, and posted on the Seek & Find website.

Aging in Hingham - A needs assessment of Hingham residents 45 and older (PDF, 2 MB)

Tax Write-off Application Form

Elder Services

Elder Services provides programs, services, activities and transportation for all residents 60 years of age and older and serves as a resource for information to families, friends and neighbors who may find themselves caring for an older person. The monthly newsletter, Central Times, provides current information about services, classes and other programs. Residents may request to have the newsletter mailed to their home. Information about programs and services can also be obtained at the reception desk at the Senior Center. Municipal funds, grants, donations and volunteer services all support the Department. This support enables us to provide programs at a reasonable cost or free of charge. Everyone is welcome at the Senior Center located at 224 Central Street and your participation is encouraged.

Staff Members

Barbara Farnsworth, Director
Caroline Gibson, Secretary
Kathy Glenzel, Outreach Coordinator
Nicole Reilly, Program Coordinator
Laurel Cosman, Medical Dispatcher
Thomas Lydon, Medical Van Driver
John Callahan, Medical Van Driver
Sylvia Zeppi, Coffee Shop

Council on Aging
(Appt. By Selectmen, ART 13 17 ATM 1970)

Appointee Position Term Expires
Gretchen Condon Chairman 2016
Beth Rouleau Vice-Chairman 2015
Dawn Sibor Treasurer 2015
Joan Iovino Secretary 2017
Gail Fairing Member 2017
Edward Ford Member 2015
June Freedman Member 2016
Chrisanne Gregoire Member 2016
Richard Ponte Member 2017
Leslie Vickers Member 2016
Debra Hoffman  Member 2017


2014 Annual Report

"The Hingham Department of Elder Services is the town focal point for the delivery of services to Hingham's population 60 and older. Its mission is to support the independence of Hingham's senior citizens, advocate for their needs and enhance the quality of their lives. In an atmosphere of respect for the older adult, the Department of Elder Services coordinates programs and services to encourage self-reliance, good health and community involvement."

The Outreach Program remains a vital link for older adults and family members who need assistance sorting through the myriad of programs and services and in accessing the most appropriate services to enable an older adult to continue to live at home. The Outreach Coordinator also works very closely with the Police, Fire and Health Departments on cases of mutual concern, and oftentimes remains as the link for these cases. The Outreach Program also continues to assist individuals with minor home repairs; the completion of benefit application forms, including the applications for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program for all Hingham residents regardless of age; and understanding the wide range of options available for the Medicare D program.

Transportation continues to be one of the most critical services provided by the Department. Transportation helps older adults to remain independent in the community and provides a way for individuals to grocery shop, attend the Senior Center, accomplish necessary errands, get to and from medical appointments, and take local trips of interest. During 2014, 5008 trips were provided to 508 different individuals.

Discovery, the Lifelong Learning Program, offered many different educational programs of interest to older adults during the spring and fall months. Overseen by a committee of volunteers, the Lifelong Learning Program continues to grow in numbers and popularity. Matter of Balance, an evidence-based program that provides education and practical tips to help prevent falls, continues to be offered on a twice a year basis.

Throughout the year, the Council on Aging and Elder Services staff continued the revision of the Department's Strategic Plan. The final draft of the plan will be completed during the first quarter of 2015, and there will be a period of comment for the public through Community Forums.

As the year closed, our Social Work Intern from Bridgewater University and Program Coordinator were busy coordinating volunteer students to provide snow shoveling for older adults. We appreciate the generosity of time that these students are willing to volunteer and hope that their services won't be needed during the upcoming winter months.

The Department of Elder Services would not be able to function without the many volunteers who provide a wide range of services and programs to the Senior Center. During 2014, these volunteers numbered 142 and worked 10,454 hours. We would also like to thank all the organizations who provided programs at the Senior Center, and all the other Town Departments who work with us to ensure that seniors are safe and comfortable in their own homes.

At this time we would like to introduce our student intern, Kathleen Wheaton, who is pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Bridgewater University. Finally, we would like to thank retiring Council on Aging members Norma Jackson. Norma worked hard on behalf of Hingham's older adults and we will miss her wonderful sense of humor.

Barbara Farnsworth, Director
Gretchen Condon, Chairman
Beth Rouleau, Vice Chairman
Joan Iovino, Secretary
Dawn Sibor, Treasurer
Gail Faring
Edward Ford
June Freedman
Chrisanne Gregoire
Debra Hoffman
Dick Ponte
Leslie Vickers