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Hingham Massachusetts, Incorporated 1635, History & Pride

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Departments: Sewer Commission

25 Bare Cove Park Drive
Hingham, MA 02043

Phone 781-741-1451
FAX 781-740-0239

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Important Documents & Links:

Dedicated Water Meter Policy (PDF)

Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan Executive Summary (PDF, 2.5 Mb)Adobe Acrobat Document

Fats, Oils and Grease Program (PDF) Adobe Acrobat Document

Sewer Policy Review Outline (June 4, 2013, PDF)

Sewer Policy Public Discussion Presentation
(PDF, Sepember 13, 2013)

Sewer Commission Members
Edmund Demko
Robert Higgins
Kenneth Johnson


The Hingham Sewer Commission provides sewer service to approximately 2500 residences and/or businesses in the North Sewer District (NSD) and 180 residences and/or businesses in the Weir River Sewer District (WRSD). We currently maintain about thirty miles of sewer pipe and 13 pump stations.

The town is broken down into two separate sewer districts:
The North Sewer District has approximately 2500 businesses and residences connected to it, this flow goes directly to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

The other district in town is the Weir River Sewer District. There is sewer service provided for approximately 275 houses in the West Corner section of Town. The flow from this district, combined with the flow from approximately 300 houses in Cohasset goes to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hull.


Bills are sent to sewer users twice a year. The fall bill is a minimum of $175.00 or the cost of usage based on the first two quarters of water consumption, whichever is greater. The spring bill is based on actual water consumption for the entire previous calendar year adjusted for any payment made in the fall. The sewer use fee for Fiscal Year 2014 is $9.25/100 CF of water.

Billing is based upon 100% of water use however, the use of dedicated meters to measure non-sewer deposited water for consumption adjustment is allowed when permitted through the sewer department.

Online bill payment is now available!

Sump Pumps:

Connection of sump pumps to the sewer system is strictly prohibited. Sump pumps contribute substantially to excess water (I & I or Inflow and Infiltration) in the system and add to the annual user fees in the NSD and may result in heavy fines in the WRSD.

Those considering purchasing a home in Hingham will want to have any illicit sump pump connections identified and re- routed before purchase. The Commission will re-route existing sump pumps at no charge to the owner. Please leave a message at (781) 740-0166 to arrange for participation in this project.


2013 Annual Report

Calendar year 2013 was a very productive year for the Sewer Department. The transition is complete and the Sewer Department is now permanently located at the DPW offices. While the Sewer Commission remained the same with the re-election of Commissioner Edmund Demko in April, other changes in personnel occurred. Long time Office Administrator Kate Lathrop retired after 12 years of loyal service with Sewer Department. Liz Welch, DPW Administrative Assistant, was promoted to a newly created position of DPW Office Administrator working for both the DPW and Sewer Departments. Interim Supervisor Stephen Dempsey was appointed to permanent Sewer Supervisor. In addition, David Beaucaire was hired as Pump Station Operator and Joanne Carpenter was promoted to a newly created position of part-time Administrative Secretary.

The department continued to upgrade its infrastructure by installing new roofs at the Mill Street, South Street, and Broad Cove pumping stations. In addition, Broad Cove Pumping Station had the first of two new pumps installed and South Street Pumping Station had new doors installed. Bel Air Station also had two new pumps installed. Walton Cove Station had a new gate valve installed in the pump room.

An ongoing inspection and maintenance program was implemented on North Street in Hingham Square and several manholes were repaired.

The Sewer Department worked alongside the Board of Health enforcing the Town Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Regulation. Inspections of the grease traps in all food establishments connected to the municipal sewer were performed to locate sources of FOG in the system. Camera inspections of the lines in the streets were performed to provide additional information and pinpoint any problem areas. The Sewer Commission requests that residents refrain from putting fatty substances into their drains.

A comprehensive long term Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) plan was developed to mitigate ground water from entering the municipal sewer system. In 2013, the 1st round of camera inspections and repairs mitigated approximately 66,000 gallons of ground water per day from entering the system in Crow Point. This effort will continue well into the future to save the ratepayers money in pumping and electric costs. Homeowners in the sewer districts who use sump pumps can aid the effort to reduce I/I by contacting the Sewer Commission to have their sump pumps checked. Any flow found entering the sewer system will be redirected, at no cost to the property owner.

Special Projects:

The DPW Sewer Extension Permit was acquired in September 2013 for the Ship and Cottage Street Sewer Extension Project. The project was put out to bid and the project was awarded to CRL, Inc. with the anticipated construction starting in early spring.

The Sewer Commission has also made efforts to consolidate existing special acts and policies to develop an application process for future sewer expansion projects and develop a sewer betterment calculation policy. The Sewer Commission has entered into an agreement with Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc. to assist with the development of the policy consolidation.

As always we want to thank our maintenance staff and our office staff for their dedication and hard work.

Michael A. Salerno, Chairman
Edmund Demko
Edward F. Monahan (deceased 3/14)
Randy Sylvester, DPW Superintendent