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Hingham Massachusetts, Incorporated 1635, History & Pride

Town Government &


Departments: Town Clerk

210 Central Street
Hingham, MA 02043-2759
Phone 781-741-1410
FAX 781-740-0239
Hours of Operation:
M-W-Th 8:30am - 4:30pm
Tues 8:30am-7:00pm
Fri 8:30am-1:00pm
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Town of Hingham General By-Laws

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ART 1 General Provisions
ART 2 Town Meeting and Notice Thereof
ART 3 Procedure at Town Meetings
ART 4 Officers, Boards and Committees General
ART 5 Selectmen
ART 6 Town Clerk
ART 7 Assessors
ART 8 Town Treasurer
ART 9 Board of Health
ART 10 Public Ways/Lands
ART 11 Parades and Open Air Meetings
ART 12 Junk Collectors and Dealers
ART 13 Old or Second Hand & Precious Metal Dealers
ART 14 Advisory and Capital Outlay Committees
ART 15 Harbor By Law
ART 16 Council On Aging
ART 17 Dog Regulations
ART 18 Fees for Plumbing and Gas Permits
ART 19 Fire Districts
ART 20 Fees for Explosives & Inflammable Materials
ART 21 Fees for Building Permits
ART 22 Wetlands Protection By Law
ART 23 Sewer Appropriation By Law
ART 24 Parking for Handicapped Persons
ART 25 Fees for Weights and Measures
ART 26 On site Waste Water Disposal System Inspect.
ART 27 Publication of Building Permits Issued
ART 28 Historic Districts By Law
ART 29 Electrical Permit Fees
ART 30 Rules/Regs Governing Conservation Land Use
ART 31 Demolition of Historical Significant Struct.
ART 32 Fire Prevention Codes
ART 33 Regulations of Vendors, Hawkers and Peddlers
ART 34 Fees for Automatic Amusement Devices
ART 35 Rollerskating and Skateboarding
ART 36 Solicitation
ART 37 Country Club Management Committee
ART 38 Community Preservation Committee
ART 39 Hingham Affordable Housing Trust
ART 40 The Naming of Buildings and Public Lane
ART 41 False Alarms
ART 42 Noise Control